“One of Joe Rueter’s clients referred me to him,” says Andrew Horn of Narberth, PA. “Believe me, it was a different experience. He asked lots of questions, surveyed our home and vehicles, and analyzed our existing policies. His proposal was impressive. He spotted gaps in our coverage and places where we were underinsured. To top it off, he found discounts we didn’t know existed. We were so pleased to get better coverage with a lower premium.”

The Rueter Method for Auto, Homeowners and Personal Umbrellas

  1. Only customized personal insurance policies designed to fit your situation offer the right protection and the best price. Otherwise, you’re not getting what you need and you’re paying too much.
  2. At Rueter, we review policies every year, nothing is automatically renewed. Insurance companies make changes and your situation can change, too. To avoid surprises and mistakes, an annual policy review makes sure your coverages are correct and the pricing is right.
  3. There are more than two-dozen possible discounts available from various insurance companies. We make sure you get all the discounts you deserve.

Rueter Case Study

Homeowners policy improved
and cost cut in half

This prospect had his “large, old mansion” insured with an excellent insurance company for $3.5 million. Personal property and “other structures” are automatically insured for a percentage of the insured value of the home. We also found that the contents were insured for the commonly used limited perils, which left much of the valuable contents in the home at risk. The policy was changed to the superior “all risk coverage” to protect everything in the home. By bringing them into line, the homeowner saved $1,500, and by raising the deductible, we cut the premium in half.

A smooth as silk claim

“At 10 o’clock on Sunday night just before Christmas, nearly 6″ of water damaged our finished basement and everything in it,” says Jim Abbott of Bensalem, PA. “It was a mess. I called Joe Rueter and he suggested a clean up company that arrived in an hour and was done by 2:00 a.m. The insurance company recommended a contractor to do the repairs. He came out and did the job right away. It was all as smooth as silk — and more than we expected.”