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It takes an in depth understanding of the wholesale food business and specialized risk management expertise to craft insurance programs that protect an owner’s interests and deliver the best possible rates.

Worker's Compensation

“Chances are 65% of your insurance premiums go to workers’ comp. Cut that cost and you’ve made money. Rueter Insurance knows how to do it,” says Joe Rueter.

Controlling workers’ comp expenses is a major issue. Just ask Bill Streich, CFO of Holt Logistics Corp. “Joe Rueter has had a significant impact on loss prevention and loss control at our terminals. Our workers’ comp costs are down 50%, which is a huge savings.”

Making it happen is our job. With our ongoing on-site assessments, we identify unsafe conditions, make workable recommendations and monitor results. We’re hands on, visiting worksites, conducting safety audits, talking to supervisors and workers to understand the issues.

We review every claim to isolate the cause and follow through to make sure it doesn’t happen again, and manage them through to completion. Since lingering claims push up costs, we get them closed as soon as possible.

With the amount of data insurance companies now have available, they expect businesses – including food wholesalers – to place a high priority on having strong loss prevention and loss control programs in place.

It’s our job to ensure the insurance company views your business as a good risk, and that you receive the best rates available, which helps make you even more competitive.

That’s why Ryeco, LLP, engages Rueter Insurance. “We moved quickly in implementing a loss prevention and loss control plan,” says GM Ken Sanger. “It worked. In one year, our premium dropped almost 25% and our on-the-job injuries were at zero.”

Unique industry risks

We’re specialists in covering many unique risks in the food distribution industry, such as spoilage, contamination, food borne illnesses, and product recalls.

Loss from food spoilage is an enormous hazard for food distributors. Whether it’s refrigeration failure, changes in temperature and humidity resulting from equipment or power failure or in transit, losses can be significant, if not covered properly.

Because documentation is critical, we help clients meet the challenges of documenting the supply chain to identify problems and keep accurate temperature records, for example. It’s managing these details that gets claims paid.

Business interruption protection

Your business may be new or have a long, notable history. Either way, the unforeseen can wipe out everything. This is why making sure you’ll stay in business is so important.

It’s also why we design business interruption coverage to be broad enough to cover any eventuality, so you get back in operation at a pre-loss level quickly.

your property

You never want to hear your insurance agent say, “I’m sorry but that loss is not covered.” We understand. Rueter Insurance offers the broadest property and liability coverage available.

On top of that, the Rueter Risk Management System proactively identifies your exposures to risk and then creates solutions that fit your business model and budget.