Our insurance strategy is to avoid any unintended consequences by recommending the correct coverages at a competitive cost. We accomplish this objective by giving careful attention to detail, asking the right questions, and marketing accounts to insurance companies that respect quality work.

Essential coverages

  • Building coverage including all permanently attached equipment
  • Business Interruption with two-year actual loss sustained options
  • Employee Dishonesty coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage
  • Utility Service Interruption including water and electric
  • Outdoor signs
  • Outside Equipment with vandalism and theft coverage
  • Garage Keepers’ coverage
  • General Liability
  • Crime coverage: money and securities including off-premises
  • Non-owned Auto liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Umbrella liability
  • Data breach-credit cards
  • Products liability for incidental retail shops

Critical issues

  • Slippery surfaces caused by cleaning chemicals and constant wear from vehicle tires
  • Robbery and burglary: on-premises cash and ATM machines
  • Employee turnover and fraudulent Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Fraudulent customer auto damage claims
  • Customer cars left overnight due to detailing work
  • Employees driving customer vehicles
  • Employee dishonesty loss prevention
  • Equipment maintenance, particularly large cleaning brushes

A car wash case history

A prospective car wash client was concerned about the frequency of customer auto damage claims. He said the insurance company was paying the claims, but it was not investigating them and this resulted in higher insurance premiums. Then, after three years, the insurance company cancelled his policy.

He wanted to know what he should do. We made two recommendations: First, surveillance cameras should be installed to record any existing damage as vehicles enter the car wash. Second, he should ask the insurance company for a claims adjuster with car wash industry and fraudulent claims experience.

Questions insurance agents often fail to ask

  • What keeps you awake at night thinking about your car wash business?
  • How do you control the cash when you’re not managing the operation?
  • Do you perform back ground checks and/or get physicals before hiring employees?
  • How do you handle customers alleging car wash-caused damage to their vehicles?
  • What is your procedure for handling valuable personal property left in customer vehicles?
  • How long do you leave money in the outdoor vacuuming and air machines?

A client speaks

“Joe delivers on his promises.”

“Over the many years Joe Rueter has been my insurance, there’s never been a surprise. He understands my business, makes sure we have the right coverages with insurance companies that give us great support, and he puts it all together with a competitive price. Joe delivers on his promises. That’s why I been with him so long.”

– Nick DIbello, Nu-Look Car Wash, Philadelphia