The right recipe for
higher margins

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Every restaurant owner knows that maintaining proper margins is everything. And that’s where insurance comes in. There’s a fine balance between either over- or under-insuring. Either way puts your margins in jeopardy. Too much coverage raises your costs; too little puts you at risk. The Rueter Restaurant Insurance Strategy gets the balance right. You pay only for the insurance you need. That’s it.

The right recipe for higher margins

We understand the critical insurance protection issues: business income loss due to food contamination, crisis management, employment practices liability, business income for actual loss sustained, extended indemnity periods, food spoilage, money and securities, wine valuations, building foundations, identity theft, ordinance or law.

  1. How do we do it? We’re hands on. We take time to understand your business in depth, identify your risks and help you minimize them, and monitor to make sure there’s continual improvement. You get the right coverage at the right price because we have 20 insurance markets that have specific coverage programs for restaurants.
  2. What’s in it for you? Money. The better you look to the insurance company, the better your rates — and that’s our job. It’s a best recipe for higher margins.
  3. Do you qualify? We will do any size account, regardless of receipts, number of locations and states, or property value. Frame construction and properties with no water hydrants can be a problem, and we don’t do night clubs, pubs, street vendors or bars, and there can be a problem with ‘table side’ cooking restaurants. We can’t do franchise locations if the franchise company has its own insurance program.

The Rueter difference makes the difference

Here’s what our restaurant clients say about our services:

  • With Joe, business is personal
    The insurance for our 24-hour diner has been with Joe Rueter for nearly 30 years. Working with Joe, you’re never a number. He doesn’t pass you off to someone who doesn’t really understand or really care about your business. With Joe, business is personal.From the start, he focused on workers’ compensation since our premiums were sky high. Joe introduced safety training for the employees and followed through to make sure it was working. For a number of years now, we’ve had a credit experience mod and our premiums are down by 70%.To satisfy ourselves, we bid our insurance every 3-5 years. Joe always keeps the business.

    Joe Morozin, Jr.
    The Dining Car

  • Joe helped us turn it around
    When we purchased our first Saladworks location, it was insured as a restaurant. Joe looked over the food operation and said it should be classified as a deli, which made the insurance cost much lower. He also found that we qualified for fast food rates on workers’ compensation, and saved us even more money. With Joe’s help, we turned around a marginally profitable location.We’re never bothered with insurance issues because Joe is on top of the account all the time. He’s knowledgeable, always accessible, takes care of things before they become problems. Joe knows what he’s doing and that’s why we never deal with anyone else.Nick DiBello
    North Philadelphia, PA