Fast, thorough…perfect

These three words describe the Covex LLC difference. They also express our experience over many years working with Rueter Insurance.

Our business is highly technical and demanding, and we expect our partners to meet the same standards. The Rueter Insurance team always comes through for us. Their customer service exceeds anything I’ve ever seen. On a scale of 1 to 10, they’re a perfect 10.

Jean Colflesh
Covex, LLC
Wayne, PA

Joe’s part of our team

“Our company’s relationship with Joe Rueter goes back 20 years. He has the risk management expertise, understanding of small business, and the personal commitment that creates trust — and that’s important to us. He’s hands-on and part of our team. When we find people with Joe’s qualities, we’re loyal to them. And that’s why he has all our insurance.”

James Macciocca, VP
Lyndee Corporation
Electrical contractor
Springfield, PA

We wouldn’t be without him.

“Around our company, ‘JoeRueter’ is one word. We’ve counted him for 18 years. We work with large GCs that require strict contract wording, tight insurance requirements, and expect the processing of certificates of insurance to be quick and correct. Joe always delivers for us.

With our workers’ compensation, he reviews payroll records to make sure job classifications are correct. His accuracy and attention to detail results in lower costs.

Joe’s never satisfied — he’s always looking for the best rates. He’s a valuable resource for our company. Plus, he’s thorough, works hard, and knows the construction business. And, when there’s a problem, Joe comes up with the solution. We trust him and wouldn’t be without him.”

Donna Blaszcyk
Blasz Constrution, LLC
Carpentry Subcontractor
Feasterville, PA

Joe Rueter works for us

“Our company’s workers’ comp Experience Mod is less than 1.0. This didn’t just happen. It’s the result of Joe Rueter’s efforts in helping us make safety a top priority, reduce costs, and give us a competitive advantage.

Joe continually reviews coverages to make sure we’re always properly protected to reflect changing needs. It’s been the same since we started with him 20 years ago, and it’s never changed. Joe is always on top of things and thinking ahead. We always feel that he is working for us — and that’s why he’s been with us so long.”

Alfred H. Jones, Jr., CEO
Commercial Flooring Systems of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Montgomeryville, PA