The Rueter Construction Insurance Strategy

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Because every dollar counts.

  • You’re a union commercial trade contractor
  • You have three-to-300 employees
  • Your annual sales are $150,000 to $50,000,000
  • You work for larger GCs
  • You specialize in flooring, fireproofing, insulation, wallboard, painting, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, cement work, paperhanging, furniture & fixtures installation, sheet metal work, paving, fencing or plumbing

Good news. You’re in our ‘sweet spot’.

If you’re like our construction clients, you expect an insurance broker to actively manage your insurance program to provide proper protection, reduce costs, and give you a competitive advantage. And like you, Rueter Insurance is a hands-on organization. So, here’s what you can expect from us —

  • Aggressive safety and injury claim management programs designed to reduce injuries, keep them low, and get injured workers back on the job quickly.
  • Return-to-work programs, early reporting of claims, and monitoring Experience Modification Factor to keep it as low as possible to minimize workers’ compensation premiums and qualify for work with top GCs.
  • OSHA compliance programs.
  • Pre-job safety meetings to establish proper procedures and coordinate with other trades.
  • Establish and monitor loss control programs.
  • Help avoid costly hiring mistakes, including pre-employment physicals, and pre-hire and post-injury drug tests.
  • Review of subcontractor agreements and insurance requirements to assure compliance.
  • Alternate quotes for Contractors Professional Liability coverage and ‘your work coverage’ and/or E&O.
  • Regular claims review meetings to assure thorough follow through.
  • Subcontactor agreements with insurance requirements and ‘hold harmless’ agreements that favor you and are in accord with top GCs.
  • Equipment inspections of forklifts, scaffolding, ladders, electrical equipment, etc.
  • Proper subcontractor documentation, including Certificates of Insurance and signed contracts with Indemnification agreements and broad Additional insured wording.
  • Require that environmental work be outside the job description in contracts.
  • Review contracts and insurance requirements before they are signed.

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