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If you conduct business electronically, have a computer, or an online presence, you’re at risk. If something bad happens, it disrupts a business, impacts customers, and stresses employees.

Small businesses are vulnerable

“Cyber risks are a big deal and will only get bigger,” says Stephanie K. Jones in the Insurance Journal.

Small businesses are vulnerable — 76% of data breaches and system issues come from inside a company:

  • 40% data breach cases are from people making mistakes – losing laptops and flash drives
  • 36% are system glitches, such as software updates, which inadvertently expose sensitive private files
  • 24% are malicious and criminal attacks

All it takes is one hack or an employee’s mistake to destroy a company’s reputation and financial stability.

How you’re protected

  • Data loss and system damage
  • Business interruption
  • Notification compliance expenses
  • Computer theft
  • Transmission of computer viruses/malware
  • Breach of customer/employee privacy
  • Content liability
  • Online defamation and infringement of copyrights and trademarks
  • And more

Do you need Cyber Liability Insurance? If something bad happens, don’t expect your business insurance policy to cover it. Cyber Liability Insurance is the answer.