What is “Full Coverage” Car Insurance?

When you hear the words “full coverage” in relation to car insurance, do you know what they mean? Today, we’re going to discuss what kind of car insurance counts as full coverage and whether you need it for yourself.

Full coverage car insurance

If a policyholder opts for comprehensive and collision insurance in addition to the legally required liability auto insurance they must have, this is considered full coverage. It gives them broad-spectrum coverage for just about anything they can face as a driver or a vehicle owner.

With full coverage car insurance, you’ll have coverage for things like:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Storm or fire damage
  • Collisions with animals
  • Repairing your own vehicle after a collision
  • Repairing or replacing property destroyed by your vehicle
  • Falling objects

Do you need full coverage car insurance?

If you lease or finance your vehicle, the lender might require drivers to have comprehensive and collision insurance as a way of protecting their investment.

Otherwise, comprehensive and collision insurance are considered optional. However, if you couldn’t afford to repair or replace your vehicle on your own, it’s almost always recommended that you buy additional coverage.

One exception is if your vehicle is worth less than $3,000, and could easily be written off in the event of damage. In that case, you might just opt for the legally required coverage.

Other types of coverage

Drivers might also choose to add other forms of optional insurance to their policy, including rental reimbursement and loss of use coverage. In some states, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is required, as is personal injury protection. If it’s not required where you live, you might still consider adding it to your policy to truly be fully covered.

If you’d like help finding the right car insurance coverage in Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, contact Rueter Insurance. We’ll never recommend more coverage than you need, and we’ll help you get the perfect policy for your situation. Contact us today.