Retail Store Safety Tips for Protecting Your Customers and Employees

You take a lot of pride in your retail location, and part of that pride comes from knowing your employees and customers are safe. To help make sure you’ve taken the right steps for making your retail location a safer place to be, we’ve compiled some handy information for you!

  • Identify Potential Risks: Inspect your store from top to bottom, and look for any potential hazards. This includes things like wires or carpets that people could trip over, inadequate lighting, and slipping hazards. By identifying these potential hazards ahead of time, you’ll help prevent accidents from happening down the road.
  • Keep Emergency Exits Clear: If there was a fire or another emergency in your retail location, your staff and customers need clear exits to get themselves to safety. As tempting as it may be to store things around exits, it’s absolutely essential that these areas are kept clear and that there is direct signage so people know where to go.
  • Wet Floor Signage: Customers and employees slipping on wet floors are one of the most common incidents that take place in retail locations. Be sure to teach your employees to set up wet floor signs wherever they need to be and it will not only help prevent slips and falls, but it can save you a lawsuit at the same time.
  • Train Your Employees Properly: Does your staff know the right way to use a ladder or that they shouldn’t use one without supervision? This is just one important part of training your staff to keep them safe. Make sure all employees have undergone safety training so they are familiar with the steps to take in an emergency, as well as what to do to avoid one in the first place.

Another important part of protecting your retail business is by having the proper insurance in place! Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about finding comprehensive coverage for your business at a price you can afford.