Preventing Customer Injuries at Your Business

One of the most common claim types we see from businesses is for medical expenses and lawsuits from customer injuries. Certain businesses are more prone to these types of claims, including restaurants and shops, but they can happen anywhere. Often, these injuries (including broken bones, sprains, and lacerations) result from slips and falls.

While the liability coverage in your business insurance policy can help you cover the cost of medical and legal bills resulting from these injuries, the best course of action is to avoid them altogether!

Here are five ways to reduce customer injuries at your business.

  1. Proper Lighting: Slips and falls are more common in poorly-lit areas. Adding light to steps and proper lighting (including spotlights) in other areas of your business can help minimize the risks your customers face.
  2. Proper Signage: If there are steps, uneven ground, or other problem areas that pose a risk in your business, be sure to add proper signage to these areas to alert your customers. It’s also essential you use “wet floor” signs when the floors are cleaned or after a spill takes place. On that note, be sure to clean up spills as soon as possible!
  3. Handrails: If there are stairs or steps inside or outside of your building, be sure to add handrails so your customers have something to hold on to which will help prevent falls. It’s also important to keep these steps clear of clutter and other items that pose a tripping hazard.
  4. Non-slip Flooring: If you have smooth flooring in your business like tile or wood, adding non-slip mats or rugs is a great way to help prevent slips and falls.
  5. Snow and Ice: During the winter, snow and ice create additional hazards in and around your business. Make sure there’s a mat at the door where customers can dry their footwear and clean up any puddles from melted snow as soon as possible. You’ll also want to shovel snow before it can turn into ice, and add salt to any areas that are already icy.