When you need golf cart insurance

While golf carts were designed for use on golf courses, today they are multi-purpose, used to travel around condo complexes, gated communities, golf resorts, and even on neighborhood streets as allowed by law.


Many people mistakenly believe that their existing homeowners and auto policies will cover their golf carts if damaged or stolen, or protect them in the event of an accident. Actually, existing policies provide little coverage.


How much coverage you need and the cost depends on how the cart is used. In some cases, an endorsement to your existing homeowners or auto insurance policy will suffice, although coverage will be limited.


Golf cart owners who use the vehicle as a frequent mode of transportation are best served by an exclusive golf cart policy. It offers broader coverage with property damage liability, bodily injury liability, and optional coverage such as collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist, medical payments, and comprehensive, much like auto insurance.


And in some golf communities, the HOA requires golf cart owners to purchase specific insurance, so it’s a good idea to share that information with your agent.


While costs will vary depending on the use and the amount of coverage, the good news is that the coverage is affordable.