If Your Home is Damaged by a Falling Tree

Your house was damaged by a falling tree. Now what? Will insurance cover the damage or will you be stuck paying for repairs on your own?

This will depend on what caused the tree to fall, and what kind of damage it inflicted, as well as what kind of coverage you have.

The cause

Let’s say the tree fell because it was dead and decaying and should have been removed. In this case, it will likely be considered the homeowner’s responsibility to repair the damage, because the tree should have been removed as part of routine home maintenance.

But maybe a wind storm knocks the tree over. If wind damage is a covered peril on your policy, the damage will likely be covered.

The same thing goes for if a tree on your property falls onto your neighbor’s home and damages it. If the tree was knocked over due to your neglect to remove it before it became a problem, you’ll typically be responsible. But if something like a storm knocks your tree into a neighbor’s home, their own insurance will likely be used to cover the damage.

Tree debris removal

If a tree falls on your property but doesn’t damage anything, your insurance will likely not cover the cost of removing the tree and any debris. One exception could be if it’s blocking a driveway and needs to be removed so the homeowner can use their vehicle.

If a tree falls on your vehicle

If your car is parked at home when a tree falls on it, it isn’t your home insurance that will cover the damage. Instead, you’ll want to have comprehensive insurance in place. This can help cover the cost of repairing any damage to your vehicle from things other than collisions, i.e., falling trees, fire, storms, theft, and vandalism.

Risk management

Risk management is in our DNA. We’re passionate about helping our clients address potential risks before they become a problem. That’s why caring for the trees on your property and cutting down any that pose a threat to the structure of your home, your neighbor’s home, or surrounding property is strongly encouraged.