How Can Young Drivers Save Money on Car Insurance?

People of all ages hope to save money on car insurance whenever they can, but it’s a question we get the most frequently from young drivers.

Young Drivers and Car Insurance

One of the reasons this question is so common from young drivers is that statistically, younger drivers will pay more for car insurance – especially if they’re teenagers. Again, this comes down to statistics. Teenagers have a much higher likelihood of being involved in a car accident than, a 49-year old driver, for example. Teenagers also haven’t had the time to build a good driving record.

So, that brings us to the next question.

How Can Young Drivers Save Money on Car Insurance?

Luckily, there are many ways young drivers can save money on car insurance policies.

To start, they should make sure they’re working with an insurance company who has their best interests in mind, only recommends the coverage they need, and helps manage any potential risks they face that could result in higher premiums. At Rueter Insurance, we’re proud to do all of that for our clients and more!

But even if you’re not in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware, there are still things young drivers can do to save money on car insurance.

  • Inquire about how much it costs to insure a specific vehicle before buying it
  • High school students should inquire about good grade discounts
  • Ask about a multi-vehicle discount if you join with your parents’ insurance
  • Complete an accredited safe driving course

Your Driving Record

While it’s important to focus on what you’re paying NOW, it’s also important to consider what you can do to keep car insurance costs low in the future. The best way to save yourself money in the years to come is to maintain a safe driving record, without distracted driving charges, DUIs, or other marks on your record.